Rob Wallace


Earth song speaks to Oneness' embrace with the melodic voices of Eagle Child's native flutes and the mellow air of Rob Wallace's keyboard. An album of six songs, Earth Song embraces you with delightful melodies of Mother Earth's Oneness. A production from the heart of LazyCats Records.

November 2021


Hear the whispers of EARTH SONG.

Earth Song speaks the heartfelt whispers of Eagle Child's double native flute and the gentle sighs of Rob Wallace's keyboard. A song that inspires the heart of Oneness, Earth Song voices the Sacred Love of Mother Earth.

November 2021


Stroll in the serenity of MEADOW.  

Meadow is a soothing stroll in the serenity of nature with the airy tones of Eagle Child’s native flute and the light reflections of Rob Wallace’s keyboard.  A song that grounds you to the peaceful serenity of Mother Earth, Meadow is a wonderful introduction to the native flute’s serene voice.

November 2021


All My Relations Native Flute Music by Eagle Child










To whom it may concern:

The intent of his letter is to give thanks and recognition to Eagle Child’s healing music and heartfelt genuine care in assisting my fast recovery from a stroke that I had in April of 2002.

Bacteria from a root canal abscessed and overloaded my immune system, penetrated my brain membrane and infected the tissue in my brain.  The swelling grew to a point where I had a grant-mal seizure and a severe stroke.

The consequence of this brain attack left me paralyzed in my side and my speech severely reduced.  I was totally devastated mentally, physically, and spiritually and having to endure a recovery that included the first two weeks in the intensive care unit, followed by six weeks on antibiotics via intravenous and weeks to months of physical rehabilitation at the Glenrose Hospital.

My first introduction to EagleChild and his healing music came at a most critical and significant time in my recovery.  I was experiencing nausea and weakness from not eating combined with my need to attend the scheduled occupational training exercise classes left me in an all-time low.

I recall my first session with my therapist where I was rated and given a schedule of activities and respective expectations within the given time frame.  This reality check hit me quite hard and I took on the challenge with enthusiasm and commitment.  Every night I would go to sleep listening to Eagle Child’s flute music and in the morning I would feel and sense new muscle-nerve connections in my right side.  I would exercise these new found abilities/skills; when I shared them with my therapist, she would update my chart.  Within a week, by Friday, I was able to walk with a cane and by the following Monday I would briefly walk without any assistance.

This remarkable recovery had a lot to do with listening to the gentle and mystical musical flute notes created by Eagle Child and to this I credit my quick recovery.  I give him recognition, my love and thanks for the opportunity for allowing me to listen to his wonderful healing music.

Sincerely,  R.C.
(of Edmonton, Canada)
- Aug. 1, 2003

Authentic Indigenous


Meeting at the Heart Native Flute Music by Eagle Child

Rob Wallace


A gorg is an invitation to a sumptuous feast of richly textured piano and Native flute. Every track is unique, specifically attuned to its own facet of life on this wondrous planet. From the first cut, “Hymn to Mother Earth,” to the rhythmically exciting final track, “Buffalo Road,” this is music to open your heart and bring an easy smile to your face.

“Walk in Beauty” opens with a gentle majesty and wends its way through peace and grace, honoring the highs and lows of life, the moments of lightness and those of sobriety. In “Owl Memories,” Eagle Child treats us to the low, haunting voice of our nighttime relative of the forest, supported by Wallace’s textured piano background… I hear rippling streams and find shady spots in which to rest. I loved “Wolf Tracks”—delightfully original. Padding along a wooded trail, ears twitching to birdcalls high in the trees… man, I’m there! A wolf in human clothing.

Wallace’s masterful piano art and the strong, rich and soothing tones of Eagle Child’s Native flute make Meeting at the Heart a healing tonic for body, mind and spirit. Its magical melding of styles will put lightness in your step. This music touched me deeply from the first note, and carried me into sheer joy. Not bad for a day that started off a bit low.

If upliftment is what you’re looking for… if you can’t get away for a walk in the woods but need the nourishment of nature… try Meeting at the Heart. Your day will be brighter for it.

The Light Connection
August 2009

Authentic Indigenous


Spirit Echoes Native Flute Music by Eagle Child

Rob Wallace


Healing Music with Native American Woodflute and Keyboards

Sweet, subtle, light on the heart ... such are the sounds that emerge from the collaboration of these two modern masters of Native American music. The airy tremolo of Eagle Child's flute lifts the spirit from the very beginning, and Wallace's keyboards provide the perfect balance and grounding.

You may recall my review of their other joint album, Meeting at the Heart, from last August's issue of The Light Connection. Though a product of the same two musicians, Spirit Echoes is a bird of a different feather. Where Meeting at the Heart was robust and teeming with passion, I find Spirit Echoes a gentler expression of the beauty of nature.

We have here two accomplished artists. Born a child of Saddle Lake First Nation (Cree) in Alberta, Canada, Eagle Child has recorded two albums of his own: All My Relations and Balancing the Heart. Rob Wallace is a multiple NAMI (Native American Music Award) winner and Grammy nominee known for his own recordings and for recordings with Robert Tree Cody and other renowned Native American musicians.

If healing is on your radar, your body and soul will delight in the synergistic dialog that comes through on every track of this CD. Traditional in many respects, it nonetheless offers a fresh perspective, a healing blend of traditional and progressive sounds. I enjoy Spirit Echoes most in the morning, as a refreshing start for a peaceful day. Or in the evening, to sooth my mind after a busy day.

The Light Connection
January 2010

Authentic Indigenous

    Wings for the Heart Native Flute Music by Eagle Child

. . . to the Eagle's Nest . . .

"I have travelled around the world many times and have listened to indigenous flute music from many places . . . I never heard such extraordinary music as EagleChild's."
Ruby Creek Art Gallery
October 2014

"I had a lot of anger. Native flute music was the only thing that helped me to release my anger."
Tsleil-Waututh Christmas Craft Fair
December 2019

"This music belongs in Hollywood."
Tsleil Waututh Christmas Craft Fair
December 2018

"The music is so etherial (celestial)."
Cedar Sage & Sweetgrass gallery event
November 2018

"It is so nice to hear from you and read about Eagle Child's music again, we play his cd's all the time and feel his soft and loving spirit."
May 2018

"Listening to Eagle's music always puts me in a wonderful state of mind. I'm very grateful to of had the opportunity to meet you and to hear your story. I meet and help families almost daily and hear several stories but yours touched me more than I can express. For that I thank you."
February 2018

"Eagle Child was a man of destiny. He followed that destiny all through his life and never compromised his truth despite how others may have treated him. He was strong, opinionated at times and bold, advancing despite the many setbacks he encountered. His love and music will live on in the hearts of those who were blessed to experience him. We have all been graced by knowing him. He firmly stood up for what he felt was right treatment, respect of his beliefs and the opportunity to share his teachings and music with others.
We will, all of us, miss Eagle Child dearly as he lives on in our hearts and our choices as we go forward with his courage and tenacity to create the world of our visions and dreams. We love you Eagle Child. May you soar like the Eagle and bring us the hope, the faith and the dedication to make this world a better place for having lived here."
January 2017

"From the first moment I heard Eagle Child’s Native Flute music I was inspired. I knew I wanted to purchase his cds to have to listen to anytime I desired. His melodies caress my Spirit on a very deep level, aids in healing my hurts, and increases my ability to embrace gratitude of life.  The peacefulness, tranquility, and serenity of his melodies relax my Heart, Mind, and Soul. I will be forever grateful towards Eagle Child for sharing his songs with humanity and to the person who introduced me to Eagle Child’s music."
April 2016

"I'm having dreams of Eagle's flute playing. I just enjoyed that so much! He changed something in my soul for sure that night. . . "
Christmas 2015

"This is a validation and testimony of a unique combination of cultural diversity that Eagle Child is and has the gift of healing self and others.....thank you for your service....we love you and are grateful for your beingness."
November 2012

Authentic Indigenous







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