Eagle Child answers your questions:

1. How do you care for your "Good Medicine" jewelry?

.You can keep your silver jewelry polished by using baking soda and water of toothpaste (which has baking soda in it). You can also use a jeweller's polishing cloth.

. Do not use antiseptic handwash when wearing EagleChild rings as this will change the finish of some semi-precious stones.


2. Where do I get the native flutes that I play?

. Most of my native flutes are made by Odell Borg of High Spirits Flutes in Arizona. I have purchased many of my native flutes at Sedona Sunset in Sedona, Arizona.

. Gandharva Loka is an international music store located in Granville Island in Vancouver, Canada. They also sell High Spirits Flutes.


3. What is the name of the book used for the native birthstone system?

. "The Medicine Wheel: Earth Astrology"
by Sun Bear and Wabun.



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4. Why should I subscribe to "the Eagle's Nest"?

. You receive marketing promotions of Eagle's music and teachings that aim to help you in your daily life. These promotions are not the autoresponding digital hustle of funnel marketing.

. You receive notifications of the monthly blog and the "blog songs".

. You receive notifications of events EagleChild Music attends.



5. When making a purchase you do not need an account in PayPal ...

. Select "Check out with PayPal" and go to the PayPal login page.

. Take note of the option to pay with your credit card below the PayPal login area.


6. When you make a purchase from my website, which currency are you paying?

. You are paying Canadian funds when you buy CDs, DVDs, books, and designs from my website, when you purchase from iTunes, and when you "download my songs".

. You pay in US funds from Amazon.com (digital music).


7. What do you pay for shipping and handling?

. In North American you pay $5.00 shipping.

. Internationally you pay $10.00 shipping.

. Plus an additional handling charge of $5.00.

. All shipping and handling charges are added to the purchase price in the SHOP site.

. Your order is processed after payment is received and verified (up to two business days).


8. When you make a purchase, what happens to your personal information?

. Any personal information you provide when making a purchase or a booking is processed using SSL encryption to secure the whole transaction you are making. SSL -- secure socket layers -- is the industry standardized software used to keep your information safe and secure. Also, all information you provide to have your order processed is completely confidential and is not given to anyone else in any way.

. Cookie policy is on the Privacy page.


9. What is my return policy?

. Please contact EagleChild prior to returning an item that does not meet your satisfaction.

. CDs and DVDs are replaceable.


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