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By Terry Lusty
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You may have seen him or heard him at some private or public function.  It may have been at a conference, school, banquet, craft show or Christmas party.  It could well have been anywhere. 

The man’s name is Eagle Child, and he’s been making the rounds, entertaining at various functions around Alberta for the past year, sharing his flute music and persona with people from all walks of life. 

About three years ago, he produced a cassette tape called, Wings From the Heart.  More recently, he released a new tape of eight flute melodies entitled, All My Relations

Eagle Child’s residence in the American southwest and his close association with his vibrant Aboriginal heritage and flute music is actually quite a departure from this accomplished man of many talents has achieved in earlier times. 

[Eagle Child grew up primarily in Edmonton and] has had something of a rather mixed, but glorious, history in sports, silver-smithing and working with youth.

At one time, Eagle Child showed signs of potential as a pro sportsman who might well have gone on to major league baseball, football or hockey.  At the tender age of 12, he was scouted by the Pittsburgh Pirates!  However, “Mom said, no,” explained Eagle Child.  Apparently, she couldn’t see her young son being that far from home.

In the late 1960s, he played baseball for Edmonton’s Blue Willow Angels, who managed to win the Western Canadian Championships in ’64 and ’65.  He made two trips to the Canadian championships at Saskatoon and Sarnia.  In 1971, he coached and played for the Winterburn Tomahawks who won the Alberta Native Championships. 

A few years later, he became the property of the Chicago Blackhawks – when they were part of the WHA.  He was traded for Ken Brown who became the Edmonton Oilers’ first goalie. 

One thing that always struck Eagle Child was the fact he “never saw Native people in those [pro] sports.”  He feels much of that ansence [absence] was due to economics and the lack of equipment. 

Eagle Child also played junior football with the Edmonton Huskies and the Wildcats, and spent two years with the University of Alberta Golden Bears as a running back, full-back and half-back. 

From 1976 to ’88, he was based in Calgary, where he worked in the field of child care with juveniles at the Calgary Children’s Service Centre and the Salvation Army Children’s Village. 

After a few other jobs, he ended up on the west coast.  He left child care and moved into silver-smithing – something he’d picked up from an old timer in Calgary. 

Then, it was on to the American southwest, to Sedona, Arizona, from 1991 to 1995.  It was there that he learned to play the flute, after he received one as a gift. 

“I basically taught myself,” he said.  “The music just comes to me.  It’s the energy that comes through me . . . that’s how it’s healing.” 

And many of his listeners tend to agree.  They claim his melodies are “soothing” and that’s a strong selling feature for Eagle Child. 

Since returning to the Edmonton area last spring, he’s enjoyed the “openness” of the people and the appreciation they have shown for his music and his soft-spoken philosophies.  However, he hopes to be part of a much bigger project one day. Not only does he wish to share his musical abilities, he also longs to design round buildings so “energy does not get caught up in the corners.” 

So what’s around the corner for this obviously gifted man?  He plans to return to the southwest and fire up a business in music and jewelry.  A restaurant just may be another possibility, if circumstances are right.  Most of his jewelry consists of pendants, rings and some bracelets. 

One thing’s for certain, his sports are behind him, the arts are ahead of him.  And, judging from his track record, he’ll likely succeed at whatever he undertakes. 


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