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"Good Medicine" Native Jewelry

EagleChild "Good Medicine" Native Jewelry is created with sterling silver. He works with the spiritual energy of minerals combined with Native symbology. Each piece of EagleChild Sterling Silver Jewelry carries medicine that is unique to the piece itself.

When you buy EagleChild Sterling Silver Jewelry, you are purchasing high quality gemstones and semi-precious stones set in sterling silver. Each Authentic Indigenous piece of jewelry is thoroughly hand crafted, hand polished, and personally signed by Eagle Child. And, since each piece is unique, you have a one-of-a-kind creation.



Sacred Circle Magnet

EagleChild designed and created beautiful "Good Medicine" Sterling Silver Jewelry. This fridge magnet has the Bear, the Buffalo, the Eagle, and the Turtle totems he handcrafted for his jewelry creations.




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All rights reserved. © 1988- Eagle Child ... Authentic Indigenous ... Native American Flute Music,
handcrafted "Good Medicine" Sterling Silver Jewelry, and EagleChild Designs.

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Eagle Child personally designed and handcrafted all the "Good Medicine" Sterling Silver Jewelry
he made available to purchase. Eagle Child is the copyright owner of all "Good Medicine"
Sterling Silver Jewelry designs--including his signature--and his designs are not to be appropriated.
You may not use his designs to create your own art (jewelry included), video, or graphics;
nor can you place any text over it.   

Contact EagleChild to inform "EagleChild Sterling Silver Jewelry"
of your project, its purpose, and the role of the jewelry photos in your project to obtain the required permission.

Thank you for your consideration.


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