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Eagle Child Native Flute music guides you on a spiritual journey within the heart. 
(with keyboardist Rob Wallace)

"Wallace's masterful piano art and the strong, rich and soothing tones of Eagle Child's Native flute make Meeting at the Heart a healing tonic for body, mind and spirit." ...Chiwah

Native Flute Meditation Music

Eagle Child

"Meeting at the Heart"

Eagle Child was an aboriginal artist from Canada. His indigenous music is healing and is used in meditation . . . the celestial nature of this First Nations music embraces all that is Spirit.


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Eagle Child

EagleChild Native American Flute Music is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. When you buy EagleChild Native Flute Music, you are purchasing Authentic Indigenous products made in Canada.

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First Nations Native Flute Music


Whenever Eagle Child played his Native flutes, he focused on the message of "harmlessness" -- using the information you have in a good way. He believed that all beings are connected and that, if we harm someone or something, we are harming ourselves. All decisions regarding the use of Eagle Child's Native flute music are based on the importance of harmlessness. Therefore, you are asked to keep the focus of harmlessness in any project you create with EagleChild Native Flute Music. Also, please ensure that your project is respectful of the Native people and their Native customs and traditions.

You may enjoy Eagle Child's Native flute music for your listening enjoyment.  You may not copy, use, or distribute his Native flute music in any way without permission. You may purchase a license to use EagleChild Native Flute Music in your audio-visual projects. This license is not transferable to another individual, group, or organization. All projects involving television, radio, and broadcasting will require guidelines and a license.

Contact EagleChild Music to inform "EagleChild Music" of the project, its purpose, and the role the Native flute music has in your project to obtain the required permission. 

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