"Earth Song"

Eagle Child

with Rob Wallace


Embrace the Oneness of EARTH SONG.

Earth Song, a tribute to the Divine Feminine of Mother Earth, has now been released.

Earth song speaks to Oneness' embrace with the melodic voices of Eagle Child's native flutes and the mellow air of Rob Wallace's keyboard. An album of six songs, Earth Song encourages you to allow Mother Earth to embrace you with delightful melodies of Oneness.

Earth Song, the album, is a collection of delightful melodies reworked by (Grammy nominee) Rob Wallace of LazyCats Records.  Having listened to all of Eagle’s albums, Mr. Wallace saw the potential of song melodies within the songs themselves. A production from the heart of LazyCats Records.

Genres include meditation music, relaxation music, and Native American flute music.

Enjoy the songs . . .

"Earth Song"

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