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Native Flute Music has been heard around the world through the ages. The Native American Flute was indigenous to the Southwest of the United States northeastward to the St. Lawrence region of Canada.

Also known as the Native Love Flute by the Lakota Tribes it was used by a young man in courting a maiden with a love song he received in a vision quest. Legends say that the maiden could not resist the one who played the song for her. Only the man played the flute; and it was played to honor the female -- illustrating the importance of love music in the courtship ritual.

A specific melody was also played to warn the village of an enemy approach in war. This song was known only to the village and the enemy thought it to be a love song a young man was playing for his sweetheart.

The Native Flute was usually made of cedar. The finger holes need to be specifically placed as each flute had its own song. A fetish was placed on the air duct of the flute; when placed precisely over the air duct the fetish would tune the flute perfectly. There are different styles of native flutes.

The Native Flute traditionally is made to be played on a pentatonic scale of five notes -- the flute and the pentatonic scale being the oldest music form. This is most interesting since all birds sing on a pentatonic scale. Birds have even harmonized with Native Flutes being played in nature.

The Native Flute has been traditionally used in powerful prayer ceremonies by the Hopi illustrating the sacredness of the instrument and its music.

The "spirit of music" is often portrayed by kokopelli playing a magical native flute. As a wondering minstrel associated with fertility and prosperity Kokopelli and his music brought many gifts to ensure the well-being of the people.

Native American love flute music can be described as relaxing music, soothing music, meditative music, and healing music. Native flute music ... the universal language of the New Age.


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