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Educators, do you teach the Native American teachings of Eagle Child? 

Given the importance of resource based learning, “The Sacred Circle:  the Music and Teachings of Eagle Child” illustrates the blending of music with the teachings.  He said that the music enhances learning and that the information he presented aroused the left brain while his music stimulated the right brain. 

As a Cree elder Eagle incorporated music with the teachings from the Sacred Circle when presenting the native culture in schools, churches, prisons, and conferences. Now you can do the same when you use the educational resources of Eagle Child.

Enhance the learning of your students when you use the educational resources of Eagle Child. . .

All packages include a FREE resource list that includes –

1.  the handout Eagle used for his presentations
2.  objectives to guide you in teaching your students about the native culture
3.  legends of importance to the native people (via website URLs)
4.  books of reference, including the one Eagle always used to teach one on one


Enjoy the package of your choice.

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You have the following packages to choose from –

1. the (physical) Teachings bundle

- the DVD,"The Sacred Circle:tthe Music and Teachings of Eagle Child"
- the CD, "Music and Teachings from the Sacred Circle"
- the book, "from the Heart of an Eagle" as spoken by Eagle Child
- the book, "from the Eagle's Nest" the blog by Myrna Child
- includes resource list

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2.  the (digital) Teachings.mp4 bundle

- DVD.mp4
- CD.mp3
- book pdfs (2)
- includes resource list (pdf)

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